What are the best treats for training my pet?

What are the best treats for training my pet?

Are you dreaming of a well-behaved puppy dog? One whom responds with nothing but etiquette and manner. And at just the sound of your voice, they eagerly wait for your next command. No treats required.

Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Training can take a lot of time and patience from both barker and hooman. And whether you are just starting out as a doggo parent and need to train your puppy who just can’t seem to help themselves with their short attention span or you have a furry kid that’s growing older and set in their ways, it's important to break those bad habits.

We all know that food can be the way to a hoomans heart and well treats can do the same for our big snoots. So, finding a tasty treat that can not only find a way to your doggos heart but also reduce a lot of time and energy when it comes to training your barker properly can be a win-win.

When choosing treats for training, you should always consider the ingredients, and size. And don’t forget the olfactory. Your dog needs to smell his tasty treat. It is best to choose single ingredient, all-natural products that can either be broken up into smaller pieces or small enough to allow for many treats to be given in one training session. Multiple treats are required when it comes to training.

Big Lu understands what it takes to help your doggos grow up and become exquisitely mannered barkers. We have thought about every training step of the way.

Our Bully Bites will have your dog sitting at attention for more. If you’re not sure what treat to give your doggo, starting off with our assortment of Bully Bites that are a convenient 2-4” chew size, is a great way to begin. This perfect chew size is great for training and a perfect size for all barkers.

Braided Bully Bites is also another option for training your fur ball. These treats are low in odor for the hooman, but natural and extremely tasty for your four-legged friend. These Braided Bully Bites comes from 2-4" and is perfect for all doggos, especially the smaller barkers. They can also be broken up into smaller pieces for training purposes.

Hare Nuggets are like Hare Sausage, only in smaller convenient sized portions, this highly digestible treat is smackin’ great and filled with all the amino acids and nutrients your growing dog needs to keep healthy. Our Hare Nuggets are softer than most other treats and are a great option for training. Just like our Hare Sausage only in fun bite-sized, these Hare Nuggets are a great soft chewy type snack.

Bully Nuggets hey there hooman, Big Lu here! If you’re not sure what treat to give your doggo for training, our single-ingredient, premium quality Bully Nuggets are a darn good place to start. Our Bully Nuggets come in an assortment of different bully shapes but in smaller chunks, which is great for the smaller barkers, and ideal for training.

You cannot go wrong with our Gullet Strips. If you’ve ever seen your pup go bonkers over our Gullet Sticks, well then, let’s just say you’re hitting the jackpot with snout lickin’ Gullet Strips! Just like all of Big Lu’s dog chews, this one is highly digestible and a perfect rawhide alternative. Gullet Strips are rich in protein and baked to a perfect texture without the need for any harmful chemicals. Doggos love the crunch and natural scent of this chew and will be following each training command with well-mannered barking pleasure.

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