Feed The Beast

If you've got a large doggo by your side, you need equally large and strong treats to feed the beast! Our bakers have put together a selection of different MONSTER strong treats and chews your furry friend will absolutely devour. All our treats are free of hormones, antibiotics, or harmful chemicals, we've only got Natural Dog Treats You Can Barkin' Trust!

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Feed the Beast

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Excited to give your beast a try of our MONSTER variety products? Heck yeah! we are too. It can be challenging to find a treat that will be long lasting, all natural, and delicious for a big doggo that goes through treats & chews in what seems like one gnaw! Thanks to our skilled bakers, you wont have to worry about any of that anymore. Big Lu's got your back now, we makes sure to get your bigger dog all the big lovin' they need in one box. Only a click of a button away from feeding the beast!

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What Do The Hoomans Have To Say?

We can sit here here talking about our delicious Natural Dog Treats & Chews all day long, but here's what some happy customers had to say about Big Lu's Feed The Beast Box

funny dog two


Glad you asked. This box is great for all the larger doggos that need some bigger treats to satisfy the munching. You'll find a variety of treats that come in different shapes/sizes which can include our MONSTER Bully products (sticks, or braided, our backstrap products, our Beef Tendons, and many more great options for your larger pal!

You can go for every 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months. Your choice!

They absolutely are! All the treats in this box are 100% digestible and are a perfect alternative to rawhide; a popular chew that is not digestible and can cause issues. Not To mention they are high in protein and make for entertaining chews! 

All of our dog treats are single-ingredient premium quality and 100% all natural and digestible. They are free of hormones, free of antibiotics, and free of preservatives. Last, but not least, none of our treats contain wheat, gluten, grains, or soy. 

Nope! All our treats are low-odor for the hooman, yet still with a natural scent which is perfect for the doggos taste buds! 

All our treats are 100% natural and not treated with harmful chemicals, so there will be a natural scent to our treats that your dog will love. 

You certainly can! We want to give your doggo the best of all worlds, so you can mix and match a selection of subscription boxes all on your customer dashboard. 

You can do that too, not a problem! Just choose the subscription box of your choice and customize it as you wish on your dashboard.

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