Suprise Me Hooman

Looking to surprise your dog with new treats like its their birthday? Try our Surprise Me Hooman variety pack! With this box, your dog will get a chance to try an assortment of our delicious single-ingredient natural tog treats with every box. All you gotta do is pick your dogs breed size, and we'll send you the best treats for your dog to enjoy.

Let's surprise your doggo!

Follow the steps below to create a box with tasty surprises, and get them delivered right to your door.


We will create a box that will contain treats specifically made for your breed size.

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Medium Breed

Large Breed

Every 1 Month

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$ 34.99

Surprise Me Hooman

Small Breed

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So tell me hooman...

What's in the box?

 Hello pal, we're glad to see you're curious to learn  more! We all want to spoil the heck out of our good boy or gal, so our bakers at Big Lu created this great subscription box. What better way to show your dog you love them than by treating them to an assortment of the treats you can find in our shop! This is also a great option for any new barkers in town that just don't know what snout lickin' treat they like best. So what are you waiting for? Your dogs' a waitin'!

treat one
treat two
treat three
treat four
treat five
treat six
treat seven
treat eight
treat nine

What Do The Hoomans & Barkers Have To Say?

We can sit here here talking about our delicious Natural Dog Treats & Chews all day long, but here's what some happy customers had to say about Big Lu's Suprise Me Hooman Box.

"I have 3 dogs, 2 Boston Terriers and a Bulldog. Its extremely convenient to have monthly subscription variety box for my babies!"

-Nhora Johnson

"A friend told me about this variety pack, and I'm glad I gave them a shot, its my Beagles new favorite! She's always looking for the "hiding spot", haha, she loves every treat."

-Mel Birk

"We used to only get my dog Tyger Bully sticks, but he gets so excited trying all the different treats in this box, its like Christmas for him."

-Katie Marie
funny dog two


Well... we'd love to tell ya, but its a surprise. Just kidding! This box is a great option for anyone looking to give their barker a different variety of treats every time. From traditional Bully Sticks, to Cow Ears, to Soft Beef Sticks, to Tripe Twists and so much more. Your doggo will get the best of all worlds with this box!

Glad you asked! So for this variety pack you'll have three options to choose from, all based on the size of your doggo; Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed. You can also choose to receive our box every 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, the choice is yours!

All of our dog treats are single-ingredient premium quality and 100% all natural and digestible. They are free of hormones, free of antibiotics, and free of preservatives. Last, but not least, none of our treats contain wheat, gluten, grains, or soy. 

They absolutely are! All the treats in our variety pack are 100% digestible and are a perfect alternative to rawhide; a popular chew that is not digestible and can cause issues. Not To mention all our treats are high in protein and rich in nutrients. 

Nope! All our treats are low-odor for the hooman, yet still with a natural scent which is perfect for the doggos taste buds! 

All our treats are 100% natural and not treated with harmful chemicals, so there will be a natural scent to our treats that your dog will love. 

You certainly can! We want to give your doggo the best of all worlds, so you can mix and match a selection of subscription boxes all on your customer dashboard. 

You can do that too, not a problem! Just choose the subscription box of your choice and customize it as you wish on your dashboard.

No worries hooman, you can cancel any time you want. We're sad to see you go, but hope to see you again soon!