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Big Lu offers the highest quality natural dog treats to satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew. Our handmade treats are packed with nutrients and dental benefits and provide hours of entertainment. Made from premium sources of protein and none of those unhealthy fillers or artificial ingredients. Both the vet and your unchewed shoes will thank you. Why is natural the way to go? Not only is it much healthier, but we find that nearly-raw treats better appeal to a dog’s primal nature

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Even the pickiest of pups will find it hard to resist these tail-waggingly delicious morsels:

  • Bully Sticks
  • Bully Bites
  • Braided Bully Sticks
  • Curly Bully
  • SticksGullet Strips
  • Stuffed Gullet
  • Backstrap Tendon
  • Regular Beef Tendon
  • Tripe Twists
  • Cow Tails
  • Hare Nuggets
  • Hare Sausage
  • Beef Nuggets
  • Beef Sausage
  • Cow Ear
  • Pig Ear

Our wide selection of natural dog treats is suitable for dogs of all sizes, shapes, and ages. Puppies and senior canines alike will adore our selection of beef, pork, and hare. But hold on to your leashes, our variety of options doesn’t stop there! We know that chewing enthusiasm will vary between each individual pup. This is why we offer our delicious dog treats in various sizes as well. Big Lu can accommodate the daintiest of nibblers to the most aggressive of chewers with our bite-sized bits or braided bully sticks.

Your pooch can also take their pick of animal parts, each offering their own unique chewing experience. Tails, tendons, muscles, ears, and more provide a variety of chewing textures, toughness, and flavors to appeal to any palate. Bully Sticks and tendons are the densest options and our most long-lasting chews. These are perfect for bigger dogs and hardcore chewers. Tails and ears are also long-lasting but have a softer, chewier texture that makes them ideal for those with sensitive gums or dogs who don’t chew with intense ferocity. Gullets, nuggets, and sausage have the least resistance and are great as quick treats. With a slightly crunchy exterior and soft insides, your dog is sure to gobble these up quickly. These are our softest chews available; they provide a satisfying snap that’s easy on a dog’s teeth.

Why Dogs Love to Chew

So why do dogs chew on things in the first place? Chewing is both a means of expression as well as a coping mechanism. Dogs chew when they’re happy, playful, nervous, anxious, or simply bored. They may do it to purposefully get your attention or it could be a covert signal that something is wrong. Throw pillow chewed to bits? TV remote mauled beyond recognition? Your dog isn’t misbehaving just to be naughty, they could be suffering from separation anxiety or other environmental stressors.

Our natural dog treats are naturally long-lasting to serve as both a tasty reward and a healthy distraction. The tougher the chew, the more entertained your dog will be, allowing them to express themselves in a non-destructive way. Regularly switching up their treats is a great way to help fight off doggie boredom. If your dog just needs a quick distraction, try bite-sized, jerky-like our Stuffed Gullet. For longer-term chewing pleasure you can’t go wrong with our extra-dense Monster Bully Sticks, available in up to 12 inch long sticks.

All Natural Dog Treats

When Big Lu says a treat is all natural we mean all natural. For starters, all of our products from our Bully Sticks to our Tripe Twists, are handmade from a single source of protein. You won’t find any mystery meat here. Our Bakers lovingly craft and inspect every single one of our creations, each of which goes through a rigorous quality check.

Ingredient list? We don’t need ‘em! Just as you would expect from all natural dog treats, ours are free of artificial gunk and has zero fillers. Every single chew is 100% a single-source protein, making them perfect for doggies with sensitive stomachs. We know your dog’s health is your top priority – it’s ours too! That’s why there’s a list of things you won’t find in any of our dog treats:

  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Preservatives
  • Harmful additives
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Grain
  • Soy

We believe the best kind of dog treats are the ones closest to their natural form. This is why instead of smoking or sun-drying them we use a special process called irradiation. Irradiation uses light to kill bacteria and is commonly used on human food as well. Not only does this make Big Lu dog treats safer for consumption, it leaves the original flavors intact and is why our treats are naturally low odor. Our treats are just as Mother Nature intended and remain high in protein that’s 100% digestible.

Shop the Best Natural Dog Treats

Regardless of how old a dog is, chewing is as second nature to them as breathing. From a teething puppy to the seasoned canine with strong primal instincts, Big Lu’s natural dog treats offer a source of comfort, nutrition, and entertainment. What better way to oblige their instinctual desires than with protein-packed chews that their wolf ancestors would approve of?

Because of our unique preparation methods, our treats are safer and healthier than many popular treat options. While they use artificial ingredients and fillers (which can cause digestive obstruction, diabetes, or worse) Big Lu doesn’t cut corners. Because our products are as natural as you can get, our wide selection makes for great alternatives for rawhide and other kinds of chews. If you are looking to reward good behavior in the best way possible, then you’ve got to have the best natural dog treats. Shop our many dog treat options and we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect match for your four-legged-friend. Can’t decide on just one? Check out our Barkin’ Club – the premiere dog subscription box which provides a variety of dog treats directly to your door.

We know there are a lot of dog treat options out there to choose from. That’s why we’ve made it easy for health-conscious pet parents to find the best natural dog treats available. We only use wholesome and high-quality ingredients and there’s nothing on our site that we wouldn’t give to our own dogs. Browse all of Big Lu’s natural dog treats – your pooch’s new favorite dog treat is only one click away!