100% Natural Dog Treats

Baked by Hoomans who love their dogs!

Always 100% handcrafted and individually inspected.

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For The Love Of Dog!

"Welcoming all barkers! At Big Lu, all of our Natural Dog Treats and Chews are sourced from the highest quality products, meaning NO preservatives, hormones, or harmful additives. Our skilled Bakers are always looking for new ways to make your furry friends treat experience the most delicious and nutritious one they've ever had. Check out our about us to learn about Big Lu and Barkin' treats."


Our Pet Connoisseurs

Sir Lickalot

Sir Lickalot is very demanding, just look at his face, he doesn't play around. His food needs to be natural, healthy, and free of preservatives. You do not want to get a bad review from him


Say her name and say it loud, Little Dutchess in the house! She's the sweetest pup on the block, with a pallet for taste that just cant lie. There's no hiding treats when shes around. 

Moe Money

 He means business everybody! Great natural treats is all he eat. There ain't no body getting in the way of Moe and his big boy treats. Don't believe us? Just ask him, if you dare.

Gordo Galindo

The fattest chihuaha you'll ever meet. Don't worry, he is not a glutton, he was just born that way. 

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