How many dog treats can you feed in a day?

How many dog treats can you feed in a day?

The standard rule of thumb in the treat department for dogs and backed up by the experts, are that doggos should not consume more than 10% of their entire day worth of calories in treats. Hence if your doggo needs 600 calories in one day, they should only consume 60 calories worth of treats.

If you are in the middle of training your barker, more treats can be allotted to accommodate according to that 10% rule, simply by replacing larger meals with smaller ones. Just as us hoomans may be weight training or on a new low-calorie diet, we will choose to eat a lighter meal throughout the day in order to engorge on a chocolate croissant we’ve been eyeballing. You adjust accordingly.

If your furry friend is hyperactive and burns way more calories than they can chew, the number of treats that can be given, will greatly vary compared with a pup who takes life in the slow lane. And depending on their age and breed will further play a role in how much daily activity they need and therefore will determine how many treats are suitable for your barker.

With so many things to consider when it comes to our puppy dogs and their treats, we want to make sure the treats we give them, are beyond the best quality. So, whether we give them one or multiple treats in any given day, they will be happy, satisfied and healthy.

Big Lu has a variety of treats that can satisfy your hungry pup and keep them healthy. Our Braided Backstrap is premium quality, high in protein and great for the power chewers because of its dense texture. This is a fantastic alternative to rawhide treats, which means it is safe and highly digestible for your dog. This snout lickin’ treat is ethically sourced and made of 100% premium quality beef backstrap. Braided Backstrap is especially a great chew for doggos that need a bit of a release, all the gnawing and chewing will help your doggo reduce anxiety.

Try Big Lu Bully Bites. These are convenient in 2-4” chew sizes. They are delicious and will satisfy your pals' need to gnaw on something tasty so you can have a calm happy snuggler by the end of the day. These Bully Bites are perfect for all size barkers, yep, especially the smaller ones.

Bully Sticks are the traditional dog treats that all doggos just can't get their paws off! Ever seen your dog do the “bone dance”? After you give them Big Lu's Bully Sticks, you sure will. This snout-licking chew is baked to perfection, using only the highest quality premium beef, always free of any harmful chemicals, hormones, or additives. Leaving your pal with a rich in protein, long-lasting chew! Extra Thin 6 “Bully Stick, great for even the picky chewers; especially for the smaller furry pals who just need a tiny munch.

Gullet Sticks are sourced from the best quality grass-fed, free-range, beef we can get ahold of and are a highly digestible rawhide alternative that will have a smackin’ great flavor, this is a perfect snack. Not to mention doggos love the crunch and natural scent of this chew. Our 6” Gullet Sticks is great for all size barkers that enjoy a treat with a bit of a crunch to it.

Gullet Strip If you’ve ever seen your pup go bonkers over our Gullet Sticks, well then, let’s just say you’re hitting the jackpot with snout lickin’ Gullet Strips! Just like all Big Lu’s dog chews, this one is highly digestible and a perfect rawhide alternative. Gullet Strips are rich in protein and baked to a perfect texture without the need for any harmful chemicals. Doggos love the crunch and natural scent of this chew!

Pig Ears This sturdy yet flavorful treat is perfect to rid any barker from any stressful tension that can cause anxiety. Oh, did we mention this yummy snack is great for dental health too? Especially if your pup has some incoming teeth that might be causing teething discomforts.

Cow Ears Let me tell ya a thing or two about these classic Cow Ear chews. If you’re looking for a crumble-free textured treat for your four-legged pal, then you’re in the right place! Our high-quality Cow Ears come in a variety of sizes that will make for one heck of a protein-filled chew for every bite. This 100% premium quality beef cartilage treat gets tender with every gnaw, so basically, it is a great entertaining treat. This Cow Ear chew is especially a favorite for doggos with extra sensitivity in their tummies and needs a bit of a lighter snack.

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