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Who We Are

Big Lu is a newly launched dog treats brand that offers artisanal, all-natural chews. Bully sticks, tails, ears, and tripe are just a few of their nutritious offerings that are designed with dogs and their doting pet parents in mind. Our mission is to bring the joy of natural treats to dogs across America by making them affordable and accessible. Health-conscious pet owners can choose from beef, pork, or hare-based protein, all of which are grass-fed and free-range.  However, our commitment to quality extends far beyond what goes into their wholesome dog treats.

In addition to only using the highest quality of ethically-sourced protein, Big Lu dog treats are completely natural. Our products are devoid of any fillers or artificial ingredients and are made without wheat, soy, gluten, grains, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or artificial flavors. All of our treats are handmade by specially trained bakers and undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure exemplary quality in every single batch. Using our unique preparation method, Big Lu is able to create dog treats that are naturally low in odor while retaining an authentic scent and flavor.

Big Lu dog treats were designed to cater to canines of all sizes and ages. Dog owners will have a variety of chewing textures and toughness to choose from, with sizes ranging from a few inches to one foot long. No matter the size, all dogs will enjoy the nutritional benefits of these protein-packed chews along with improved dental health. The fibrous nature of animal skins and organ tissue makes Big Lu's dog treats highly effective at scraping away plaque and tartar. Dog owners can supplement their dog's diet while simultaneously reducing their likelihood of periodontal disease.

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