Big Lu Offers the Best Bully Sticks for Dogs of All Sizes

Bully Sticks are hard to beat when it comes to healthy, all-natural chews that are good for your canine. Also known as pizzle sticks, these 100% beef dog treats are a fantastic alternative to less healthy dog treats. Rawhide chews are much more processed and pose a potential choking hazard. Dog biscuits simply don't provide any entertainment value. Big Lu Bully Sticks are an easy and nutritious treat that will delight even the pickiest of pooches. The robust natural flavor and low odor will have both of you barking for joy!

But Bully Sticks are far more useful than as treats for a deserving doggo. They can help curb destructive chewing behavior and assist with separation anxiety. Chewing is natural instinct that, if left unchecked, often results in ruined clothing or furniture. Leaving dog owners to feel frustrated or worse – that they have a bad dog.

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In addition to satisfying any pooch’s urge to chew, chomp, or gnaw, bully sticks are packed with protein. Amino acids are a must for a healthy coat and overall development. Big Lu makes it so that all the nutrients remain intact and are easily digestible for pups of all ages. These single-ingredient chewables also provide important dental and entertainment benefits. This means less smelly dog kisses and a chew toy that can distract your pupper for hours at a time.

Choosing the Right Size Bully Sticks for Dogs

While all dogs can benefit from bully sticks, they aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of treat. The best bully sticks will be durable enough to last through even the most thorough of chewing sessions. They must be an appropriate size to ensure your dog can enjoy them safely without risk of accidental ingestion. Here’s what to consider when picking out appropriately-sized bully sticks for dogs:

  • Size of the dog (small, medium, or large) – The proper sized bully stick should be larger than your dog’s mouth
  • How aggressive of a chewer/gnawer your dog is – A more aggressive chewer will need a thicker chewable

Big Lu bully sticks range from 2-inch chews to a whopping 12 inches. We can accommodate the smallest of snoots and the biggest of floofs. The small sizes are great for puppies; in fact, we encourage pet owners to give them to young dogs. Similar to human babies, teething puppies find relief from gnawing on things. Introducing a chewing alternative early on can save your furniture and clothing from being used as chomping practice. Our dog treats can eliminate destructive chewing habits and provide young dogs with a positive means of dealing with separation anxiety or boredom.

If you are giving your dog a bully stick for the first time, be sure to monitor them. Your dog may chew through their bully stick quicker than you anticipated and even break off pieces of the stick entirely. These treats are not meant to be swallowed in large chunks – doing so is a choking hazard and can also cause internal blockage. If your dog is chewing through too quickly, consider buying a thicker bully stick or one in an unusual shape. Ours come in a variety of forms such as braided, curly, and extra thick for even more chewing satisfaction. Conversely, if your pet is having a hard time, feel free to size down with our extra thin bully sticks.

Regardless of how old, young, big, or small your dog may be – be sure to remove and discard any bully stick that is small enough to be swallowed whole (around 2-3 inches).

Why Big Lu Provides the Best Bully Sticks for Dogs?

At Big Lu, every single one of our bully sticks is sourced from premium beef and handmade by our Bakers. This means you won’t find icky things like antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, chemicals or other additives – and you can trust that what you’re feeding your four-legged friend is the good stuff. In case this wasn’t already apparent, this also means our treats are free of fillers: no wheat, gluten, grain, or soy in these bad boys.

Another reason why these are the best bully sticks for dogs is actually for you, the pet owner. All Big Lu bully sticks are low odor, meaning these treats will retain an appealing natural scent that will entice your dog without offending your own nose. Need to keep your dog occupied when you have company over? You can subtly keep your furry friend entertained without sending your guests scrambling for fresh air.

And because the health of your furry best friend is our biggest priority, we take extra care with our handmade treats. Preparation methods vary with the most common being sun-dried, oven-baked, or smoked. Unfortunately, those methods don’t always kill bacteria. Things like salmonella aren't removed and can pose a safety hazard for pooches. That’s why we use irradiation, a chemical-free means of killing bacteria, to reduce the risk of causing your dog a foodborne illness. Not only is it safer, but this preparation method leaves more of the original texture and flavor intact. It also extends the shelf life of our treats.

Whether you’re looking to reward your dog for good behavior or prevent them from chewing up your last pair of shoes, Big Lu Bully Sticks are the way to go. If your fur baby doesn't love them, we have plenty of other all-natural dog treats to choose from:

  • Ears – Softer than bully sticks and ideal for dogs with teething discomforts
  • Tendons – Similar to bully sticks but not as long-lasting
  • Jerky – Another great rawhide alternative; unlike bully sticks, jerky is meant to be consumed in its entirety
  • Tails – Extremely low in odor, and they become chewier over time

Still aren’t sure which kind of treat your dog would enjoy most? Explore Big Lu’s entire selection of ethically-sourced, natural, and handmade dog treats. Browse by dog size or protein type to guarantee you find the perfect treat for your canine companion. If you and your dog are already fans and can’t get enough Big Lu, head on over to the Barkin' Club – the paws-down coolest dog subscription service out there.