Jerky Dog Treats

Big Lu’s jerky treats for dogs are made from the highest quality grass-fed, free-range beef gullet. If you’re looking for a quick and satisfying treat that your four-legged pal will want to gobble up, look no further. Warning: Drooling, violent tail wagging, and happy yips are unavoidable once you pull out a bag of these meaty morsels. Have a dog that’s choosy about their chews? We carry three different types of gullet-based snacks for their gnawing pleasure.

Gullet Strips - Thin and wide, our Gullet Strips are the perfect alternative for rawhide chews. They feature the most gnaw-able ridges and crannies to provide just the right amount of ‘give’. This makes them perfectly suited as the quick treat your dog won’t be able to gulp down in one go. Don’t worry, they like the challenge! Our chewiest jerky strips are way more fun to eat than your average dog treat.

Gullet Sticks - Hollow sticks of crunchy-yet-chewy goodness. These are wonderful for dogs who love to chomp down and really sink their teeth into whatever they put their mind to. Unlike our other kinds of beef jerky for dogs, having a hollow center makes this of the springier jerky options.

Stuffed Gullet - The best of both worlds, these sumptuous dog treats have a satisfying ‘snap’ that’s immediately followed by a savory beef filling. Great for dogs that don’t want to work for their treat, but still isn’t boring to eat. Due to its off-the-charts deliciousness, is only recommended for the good-est of good boys.