Delicious Jerky Treats for Dogs

Big Lu’s jerky treats for dogs are made from the highest quality grass-fed, free-range beef gullet. If you’re looking for a quick and satisfying treat that your four-legged pal will want to gobble up, look no further. Warning: Drooling, violent tail wagging, and happy yips are unavoidable once you pull out a bag of these meaty morsels. Have a dog that’s choosy about their chews? We carry three different types of gullet-based snacks for their gnawing pleasure.

Gullet Strips - Thin and wide, our Gullet Strips are the perfect alternative for rawhide chews. They feature the most gnaw-able ridges and crannies to provide just the right amount of ‘give’. This makes them perfectly suited as the quick treat your dog won’t be able to gulp down in one go. Don’t worry, they like the challenge! Our chewiest jerky strips are way more fun to eat than your average dog treat.

Gullet Sticks - Hollow sticks of crunchy-yet-chewy goodness. These are wonderful for dogs who love to chomp down and really sink their teeth into whatever they put their mind to. Unlike our other kinds of beef jerky for dogs, having a hollow center makes this of the springier jerky options.

Stuffed Gullet - The best of both worlds, these sumptuous dog treats have a satisfying ‘snap’ that’s immediately followed by a savory beef filling. Great for dogs that don’t want to work for their treat, but still isn’t boring to eat. Due to its off-the-charts deliciousness, is only recommended for the good-est of good boys.

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Why Is There Separate Beef Jerky for Dogs?

We’ve all been there: on the open road, hitting a nature trail, or refueling after a workout, and your dog is unsubtly eyeing the piece of jerky in your hand. It’s a giant piece of meat and dogs need lots of protein, after all, so just one bite couldn’t hurt...could it?

Sure, the main ingredients in human jerky and dog jerky are essentially the same, but this one tiny difference has a huge impact. The primary difference between the two is that human jerky is often seasoned and artificially flavored. These additives often result in a much higher sodium content than is healthy for a dog. Depending on the flavoring, your favorite meaty snack might just be downright harmful.

Salt poses the most immediate risk to dogs. The most common symptom is dehydration, while not necessarily deadly, can be more difficult to identify. If ingested in large quantities, however, could result in vomiting and diarrhea. Although the effects of too much salt are relatively mild, could be particularly dangerous in hotter climates. It is recommended that dogs have no more than 200 milligrams of sodium in their daily intake. A single serving of human jerky could easily have over 600 milligrams of sodium.

Onion, in its original or powdered form, is an extremely common ingredient. While delicious to humans, it contains a compound that is toxic to dogs. If ingested, can cause damage to red blood cells (increasing the risk of anemia), and will likely result in diarrhea or vomiting. While garlic is something that most humans can’t get enough of, it’s something that most dogs should probably do without. Although garlic is sometimes used as a natural flea remedy - it should be used with caution. Garlic poisoning in dogs will lead to a host of issues. Uncommon symptoms include lethargy, nausea, pale gums, discolored urine, and bad breath. Similar to the negative effects of onion, garlic ingestions can also permanent damage to red blood cells. This is in addition to the typical symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. 

What Our Jerky is Made Of

When it comes to meaty satisfaction, jerky is the ultimate treat for dogs. Our Gullet Sticks and Strips boast delectable, easy-to-digest casings. These are ideal for a quick snack or as a chewy alternative for sensitive teeth. All versions of our beef jerky for dogs make for a healthy, protein-packed dog treat that can be consumed quickly and in its entirety.

Unlike the tougher chews, our jerky dog treats are made of the soft inner-parts of ethically-sourced cattle. But these jerky treats for dogs aren’t just easy on the teeth. Our unique preparation method is naturally low odor so it’s easy on the nose as well. Bonus: The gnaw-factor isn’t as high in these treats as our other options but your dog will still get the dental benefits of jerky’s plaque-scraping exterior. This means better dog breath and your human nose has one less thing to worry about.

In addition to being one of our most snackable forms of protein-based dog treats, gullet is also known to be a great source of chondroitin. Chondroitin is a naturally occurring substance that helps keep joints healthy. In fact, it is commonly used to treat osteoporosis in humans. Being easy to chew + providing bone health benefits = gullet treats are one of the best options for older dogs.

In case there wasn’t already enough reason to be doggone excited, our jerky treats also boast being 100% natural. Each flavorful bite is comprised of the highest-quality single source protein and nothing else. Not a filler, additive, or artificial ingredient to be had. Just like all of our dog treats, each gullet piece is free of hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. “I want grain and soy in my jerky” said no dog - or human - ever. That’s why you'll never find a trace of wheat, gluten, grain, or soy in our jerky treats. When your dog gets his paws on Big Lu jerky, you know that they’re going to ingest nothing but easily-digestible, all-natural protein.

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Big Lu has several gullet options to choose from, with textures and sizes to entice even the pickiest of dogs. Our crunchy dog treats are healthy, delicious, and most importantly, just as Mother Nature intended. If providing a drool-worthy treat isn’t already incentive enough, remember that gullet treats offer far more than just protein. You’ll be able to enjoy games fetch, walks, and many other activities for years to come thanks to their superior joint support. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, pet parent, you’ve earned it.