Big Lu's Affiliate Program

Dog Holding a Bully Stick

Welcoming all barkers! The new and the old, the strong and the small, the power gnawers and tiny chewers, whatever the case may be, our Bakers at Big Lu are glad to say we've got a treat for every doggo. All of our Natural Dog Treats and Chews are sourced from the highest quality products, meaning NO antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, or harmful additives, just single-ingredient goodness. We also have some skilled Bakers who are always looking for new ways to make your furry friends treat experience the most delicious and nutritious one they've ever had, just ask our Pet Connoisseur

Affiliate Program Features

  • Earn 10% commission per sale
  • 7 days cookie
  • Attractive Banner and Text links
  • Monthly newsletter to get you the latest updates for promotion
  • Auto Deposit enabled
  • EXCLUSIVE ShareASale Merchant
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager - (To promptly answer to your queries)
  • Ideal Affiliates & Publishers

Here are a few examples of affiliates we are looking to join our program:

  • Affiliates looking to provide quality dog treats re content and offers to their audiences.
  • Websites with a strong SEO presence for business-related keywords
  • Businesses with marketing specialists and content writers that can promote our products.