10 Natural Dog Treats That Are Recommended For Puppies

10 Natural Dog Treats That Are Recommended For Puppies

Knowing what dog treats are suitable for your puppy is important for their safety and nutrition, Big Lu has got your back with some helpful suggestions.

Here at Big Lu we know how exciting it can be to have a new pup on board the family boat. They’re cute, furry, loving, and full of playful energy! But one concern we notice many pup owners have is that they find themselves wondering what dog treats are most appropriate for puppies. 

Perhaps your pup is teething and experiencing discomfort, or maybe they’re experiencing anxiety. Heck, maybe you just wanna give them a nice treat for being a good boy/gal! Whatever the case may be, we wanna break down some key questions you’ll want to know the answers to first.

What dog treats are NOT good for dogs?

In a nutshell, you’ll want to steer clear of treats that are not digestible, too hard, or rawhide. Some examples of these would include flavored dental chews, plastic/nylon chews, or toys that could be a risk if they are swallowed; small bones or antlers, etc. 

These types of chews can cause an upset stomach, indigestion, or even digestive tract blockages amongst other dangerous outcomes. So for the safety of doggos everywhere no matter ages, our bakers recommend that you choose safer options that don’t put your doggos health at risk.  

What dog treats ARE good for dogs?

In short, you’ll want to stick to treats that are 100% natural and digestible. It is also suggested to give your doggo treats that are free of any harmful chemicals/ingredients and treats that are good for health or dental support. Thanks to Big Lu single-ingredient dog treats you can get your pup chews that are filled with nutrients and amino acids that are ideal for the health and growth of your furry friend.  

Now that we know some basics, let's get right into it. Our barkers have put their thinkin’ caps on and created a list of 10 recommended treats to help you out. Here goes:

(Please note the benefits mentioned below are true for premium quality products sourced from premium quality sellers ONLY. This is why it is important to choose a brand that aligns with the characteristics you’d like to see.) ALL Big Lu products are; Low-Odor, Rich in Protein, High in Flavor, Premium Quality, Grass-Fed, Free-Range, Ethically Sourced, 100% digestible, Single-Ingredient, Grain-Free, Soy- Free, Slow Roasted, No Hormones, No Artificial Flavoring/Harmful Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Antibiotics. 

1. Extra Thin Bully Sticks 

We’re sure you’ve heard of this classic chew that doggos just can’t help but love. Is it the smell? Is it the taste? Or is it the texture that they love so much? Honestly, we’re pretty sure it's all of the above and more! This treat is great and nutritious for your pup; it's high in protein, low in fat, and it is long-lasting! This is ideal for all teethers, or simply for a pup that needs to release some energy with a small munch. 

2. Cow Tail

If you’re looking for a treat that is extra low in odor, and crunchy at the start but gets chewy by the gnaws, Cow Tails are a great option then. One of the best things about this treat, apart from being irresistible for even the pickiest eaters, is that it provides the perfect texture, in a convenient size, that is comfortable for a pup to get a healthy gum massage and gentle teeth cleaning. Perfect for easing teething discomforts, and it can even reduce anxiety. Best of all it is filled with nutrients and is high in protein which is something your pup needs to stay healthy.

3. Cow Ear Chews

Just like the Cow Tail treats and all of its benefits, Cow Ear Chews are also irresistible and make for a great natural dental aid. Despite its chewy texture, after some gnaws, it will keep your puppy satisfied and busy for as long as he/she can gnaw. Some doggos just have sensitive tummies, and this single-ingredient beef cartilage chew tends to be a great option for those that need a gentle chew to avoid getting an upset stomach

4. Gullet Sticks

Ever seen a pup do the “doggo dance”? Well, with this rich in amino acids, and protein-dense, delicious treat you might be seeing it real soon! You’ve hit the jackpot with this conveniently thin treat because it is ideal for the size and texture to satisfy puppies' gnaw. This treat has a jerky feel to it and it might go faster than rest, so it makes for a great snack that is a great and safe alternative for plastic or rawhide chews.

5. Gullet Strips

Just like the Gullet Sticks, only flatter, these Gullet Strips are snout lickin’ deliciousness. Not to mention, they are highly digestible and have a low odor natural scent, great for the hooman yet totally irresistible for the pup! This treat has all the benefits and qualities as a Gullet Stick and is great to satisfy any sudden impulses to chew. The texture and density of this chew are beneficial for oral hygiene and dental care, not to mention it’ll be great for the teethers out there. 

6. Hare Sausage

Hare Sausage is a barkin’ unique treat filled with nutrients and a wildin’ taste that will surely make your pup’s tail wag! An important and unique benefit about hare is that it is higher in protein and lower in fat than most other animal proteins out there (e.i. Duck, chicken, beef, lamb, turkey). So for an ideal lean option that will fuel your pup with energy, especially for our furry friends with a sensitive digestive system, this chew works great. This dog treat is perfect to break into smaller portions, and even to mix in with milk to make it a little chewy; no matter what, all dogs love this wild hare treat.

7. Hare Nuggets

Similar to Hare Sausage, only in smaller convenient sized portions, this highly digestible treat is smackin’ great and filled with all the amino acids and nutrients your maturing pup needs to grow. Hare Bon Bons are softer than most other treats, therefore it can go a little faster, especially when mixed with milk. The wild hare flavor will keep your puppy happy and with a satisfied belly til its time to gnaw some more.

8. Beef Sausage

Like all of these paw-lickin’ natural dog treats, this single ingredient, rawhide-free, nutritious chew is a great option if you’re looking for a treat that is low in fat but high in flavor for your pup. This oven-baked snack is on the softer side of the chews (similar to the hare treat) and makes for a quick treat any puppy will gladly devour at any time. You could say this chew is snout lickin’ good.

9. Beef Nuggets

Just like the Beef Sausage, only in bites, this highly digestible chew is rich in proteins and is a perfect rawhide alternative. You’ll find it is baked to a perfect texture without the need for any harmful chemicals, and is naturally rich in flavor, without the need of artificial flavors. This rawhide alternative is perfect for puppy gnaws; your growin’ doggo is in for a smackin’ great treat.

10. Soft Beef Sticks

If you’re looking for an all-around favorite and nutritious treat, you just found another one! This slow-roasted beef stick is a gentle start for doggos that have a slow or developing dental strength; meaning there’s no need to have many teeth to enjoy every chew! Soft Beef Sticks easily break off into pieces you can conveniently give your furry friends at any point in the day. The soft chew serves great for training purposes, or even just as snacks for your pup because they’ve been a good boy (or gal). 

It's important to note that this is NOT a “one size fits all” decision to make. All puppers are different, and this requires some getting to know your pup and some trial and error before coming to a solid conclusion. Some puppers might like a harder chew than others, some might just have a more sensitive tummy than others, and maybe some are just picky eaters that need a few tries before finding the right fit. 

Our Bakers would like to advise the hoomans to always keep an eye on your pup when giving them a treat. Natural dog treats are usually meant to be durable and should be broken down (aka munched on) properly before being swallowed. We’d also like to give a friendly reminder that it is also up to the discretion of the hooman to see what treat they deem appropriate for their pup. Whatever the case may be, Big Lu is here to help you every step of the way to provide you with a trustworthy hand-made Natural Dog Treat you can Barkin’ Trust!

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