5 Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

5 Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

So you have decided to get a dog. While welcoming a new pup into your life is exciting, it can be a little overwhelming at first—especially for first-time dog owners.

Any time you are bringing a new dog home, whether a puppy or a full-grown dog, it is best to prepare to include this new family member and get an idea of what to expect. Here is a shortlist of 5 things first-time dog owners, can do to make the transition easier.

The right dog food.

Your new pup will need dog food right away. Knowing what your new dog has been eating is essential to be able to decide if you want to continue that food or start transitioning them to a new diet. Check with your veterinarian to verify that the food you use meets your dog's individual nutritional needs. Different ages or stages can benefit from specific nutrients to help your dog thrive. It is also essential to set feeding schedules. This will help you eventually time your pet's bowel movement and help you set up walking times.

Come up with a routine you can stick to.

To help train your dog, come up with a daily routine that you and your pup can commit too. Establish set meal times, and pick up the food after about 30 minutes. This helps increase the dog's sense of urgency about eating.

For instance, you may start the day with a walk and breakfast, then time in the confinement space until a dog walker comes, then confinement with a treat or chewy toy until you come home, finish the day with another walk, dinner and time hanging out in the living room. It doesn't matter what the routine looks like, but the more regular the practice, the faster your dog will settle in.

Assume your dog is not house-trained.

When bringing a new dog home, Know that your new friend doesn't know your home is a "no-potty" zone. To house train your pet, do not allow them to roam around the house unsupervised. Since your dog is not yet house-trained, confine them to an exercise pen or a small gated area when you are not around to supervise. When you are around and take them outdoors to do their business, make sure to reward them with a treat like our Beef Nuggets each time they go potty outside. If you are away from home for hours in a row, set up pee-pee pads to avoid any bladder strain in case you run late.

A place for your dog

Choose a reasonable size space for your new friend to make his own. Set up a cozy spot, a few chew toys, and a bowl of water. Prepare it ahead of time, and add a comfy dog bed and a blanket if its winter or some shade for the summer if this pace is outdoors. This space will give them a safe space of their own.

A calm environment.

Much like children, dogs need a calm environment as well to learn to keep calm. If you stay calm, even when annoying or nerve-wrecking things happen, that will help your dog learn to stay calm as well. While you're home, take your dog out of the confined space frequently and allow them to release excess energy and enjoy a treat like our Tripe Twist Bone Treats.

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