A Hyper Dog: Most Effective Ways To Calm Them Down

A Hyper Dog: Most Effective Ways To Calm Them Down

Get to know your hyperactive dog and what works best to calm them down in the most effective ways. 

It can be difficult to calm your super active pup, and sometimes it seems like no matter how many walks or runs you take them on, they just can’t seem to release that energy! It’s important to build a bond with our dogs and try to understand their behaviors as much as possible, in this way we will be the best caregivers to them as we can.

So when trying to calm down a hyperactive doggo, being involved in the process and making it an enjoyable experience can bring about all the success you need.

Tug Of War

Starting off with something so simple as introducing a rope toy to your super active dog can be a great start to get them to calm down! Start by showing them the toy, and start by gently pulling on it. Eventually, they’ll pull back, you let go, and well, you know! Let the tug of war begin. This will help them release some of that energy, and if they’re a heavy biter a good rope biting can help them release a bit of tension too.

Play Fetch

If playing tug of war with a rope toy didn’t do the trick, its time to amp up the game! Go for a ball or any other toy you can throw, and start throwing the ball at a straight line. Start by throwing the ball at a short distance, and working your way up to a longer distance once they really get the hang of it. Incorporating this after a game of tug of war can be extra helpful for the dogs that don’t understand the concept of bringing the ball back to you. Always make sure you’re in a safe space when playing any games that involve physical activity, and keep a long leash on them so you can grab ahold of them should they think of running off. 

Teach Your Dog a New Sport/Game

Though there are many physical activities your dog can participate in, once you find the one that fits your dog best and is able to deplete them of so much stored energy, then you’ll be able to have a calmer dog for the rest of the day. From flyball to frisbee, or hide and seek, all these sports provide physical exercise that will be essential for a calm and contained doggo. Some sports can be rather expensive, so finding a way to keep the fun in your home or a nearby park, the better it will be for you as the owner. If your dog is already trained and you just want to have a relaxed day out with your kids, it is a good opportunity to keep the environment and the overall experience light. 

Have A Routine

Having a structured schedule for your dog can be a great addition to your pups life, especially if you have a training schedule already in place. Dogs are creatures that do extremely well when they work around a system they can follow, especially for training purposes. Choose appropriately what to do in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and make it constant so your dog begins knows what to expect and gets the feel for a routine. 


Overall, as you try different things and see what works for your dog, it’s important to keep in mind that as long as we are able to meet our dogs halfway, our dogs will become more capable to listen and obey. After all, doggos really can be our closest pal and our family and we’re sure they want nothing more than to live happily by our sides like the good boys/gals that they are!

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