Are treats bad for dogs?

Are treats bad for dogs?

Not all treats are created equal. There is the good, the bad, and the ugly. And unfortunately, the ugly truth is that many dog treats that are in the market can be extremely detrimental to our furry friend’s health. So just as we need to be aware of the ingredients in our own food supply, we also need to pay close attention to the ingredients in our fur babies treats.

There are some dog treats that contain very low-quality ingredients but most importantly there are those treats that contain potentially harmful and in rare cases fatal ingredients. These specific treats in the market are mixed with synthetic ingredients such as BHA (Butylated Hydroanisole) and BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) both which have been found and linked to possible carcinogens which helps to form cancer. Also, a fat preservative called Ethoxyquin which is often used as a pesticide can cause liver damage.

Cheap fillers are also used as ingredients in many treats. These can include wheat, corn, soy, rice, and other various grains that pets aren't biologically able to digest as efficiently as complete protein. Too many carbohydrates in your dog's diet can cause Dysbiosis, which is a microbial imbalance, similar to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) in Humans.

These days Dog owners are now more conscious of what treats contain because we are witnessing a slew of health reactions, sometimes immediately after consuming some treats with fillers. Such reactions have included Allergies, foul breath, respiratory issues, immune system disorders, behavior problems (hyperactivity), and chronic fatigue.

Here at Big Lu’s we take pride in 100% natural treats. We will never add fillers or synthetic ingredients. We only sell 100% Natural Treats. We’ve worked hard to supply our furry kids with the best and healthiest treats on the market. We only work with farmers who offer grass-fed animals.

We offer 100% natural options in a variety of treats to choose from. Some of our treats include the traditional Bully Stick which is baked to perfection, using only the highest quality premium beef, always free of any harmful chemicals, hormones, or additives. Leaving your pal with a rich in protein, long-lasting chew! And don't worry, we think about the Humans experience too, all our treats are low-odor but still tasty and irresistible for your four-legged friend.

The Backstrap Braid or Backstrap Stick are both a great natural treat option. They are high in protein and great for the power chewers because of its dense texture. This is a fantastic alternative to rawhide treats; which means it is safe and highly digestible for your dog. This treat is ethically sourced and made of 100% premium quality beef backstrap. Braided Backstrap is especially a great chew for doggos that need a bit of a release, all the gnawing and chewing will help your doggo reduce anxiety.

Big Lu’s Beef Nuggets which are also100% sourced from free-range high-quality beef; rawhide-free meaning it's easily digestible. This oven-baked snack is also on the softer side of our chews and makes for a quick treat any pup will devour. Just like our Beef Sausage only in fun bite sizes, still great for a softer chew type of snack.

If you’re looking for a crumble-free textured treat for your four-legged pal, then you’re in the right place! Our high-quality Cow Ears come in a variety of sizes that will make for one heck of a protein-filled chew for every bite. This 100% premium quality beef cartilage treat gets tender with every gnaw, so basically, it is a great entertaining, and long-lasting treat.

At Big Lu’s all of our natural dog treats are free of hormones, antibiotics or preservatives. Low odor, Single-ingredient, Anxiety reducing, Promotes dental health. Wheat, gluten, grain, and soy free. Perfect for aggressive chewers. So, you can be a proud pup parent and feel good about giving your furry kid Big Lu’s 100% Natural Treats.

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