My Dog Doesn’t Stop Barking At Night, Why Is This Happening?

My Dog Doesn’t Stop Barking At Night, Why Is This Happening?

Determining the possible reasons why your dog just won’t stop barking at night is the first step to figuring out a solution. 

Ah, yes, the question all dog owners (or irritated neighbors) desperately want to know the answer to! While this might be annoying for some to hear, the truth is there is no simple answer as to why this may be. It seems as though sometimes dogs bark even more as the night time comes, and occasionally it may seem as though they bark at nothing. 

However, this non-stop barking depends highly on each individual doggo, and its good to note that oftentimes their surroundings play a big role. To help narrow down some possibilities, Big Lu would like to give you some of the common reasons your four-legged pal always barks at sundown. 

1. Your Dog is Uncomfortable:

A common reason why your dog may be barking so much is that your dog might be physically uncomfortable. This will require you to be extra observant, as understanding and identifying discomfort will make for a happier pup. Your dog might be having some itchiness around their body, or they might be too cold or too hot. If your dog sleeps outside, this is most likely a main factor for the nighttime barking, as outside temperatures/environments are not always the most “cozy” for a doggo.

For instance, if it is too cold outside, your dog might experience a little bit of aching in the joints, which can be very painful for your furry friend. Or perhaps you’ve bought your dog a crate to sleep in but they’re beginning to outgrow it and it is causing an uncomfortable night’s rest. 

2. They Hear Noise:

If you’ve ever seen your doggos ears lift up and observed how fast their gaze shifts to the direction of the incoming sound, you’ll understand when we say dogs have hypersensitive ears. Often times we might see our dogs sit by a window like dedicated vigilantes just waiting for any action.

Even if they’re roaming around the house, or on their way to bed, they can be very reactive to any noise that might be going on out on the streets. Some dogs might bark as a way to all

3. Boredom/Isolation:

If you haven’t given your pup the proper attention throughout the day, or if they haven’t gotten a chance to get out all of their energy, then this is another reason for your furry friends barking at night. It is important to take note of what breed you have and if they’re generally hyper doggos.

Focusing enough attention on your dog so they don’t feel lonely at night, or too full of energy is a great step in the direction of a restful night without so much barking. Most dogs are generally playful, especially if they are young, so taking them on walks or simply playing with them can make them feel less bored and less isolated when night time comes. 

4. Your Dog is Nervous/Anxious:

Anxiety is very common in dogs, and one of the main reasons your dog might be barking at night is because they’re simply a bit nervous. While this can come from feeling lonely if you’re not giving them proper attention, it could also be due to something in their surroundings that is bothersome.

Perhaps they heard a sharp noise that scared them, and while this can be a “warning bark”, it could also be a way for them to show they’re frightened. Much like when we see dogs shaking and hiding during a thunderstorm, being observant of external factors that cause uncontrollable barking is important to find a solution and have a happy doggo.

5. Other dogs:

We’ve all seen it, whether in real life or in movies, once one dog starts barking in the neighborhood, all the rest follow. Though it can be a nuisance to anyone trying to get their beauty sleep, you gotta admit, it is pretty impressive how the neighborhood dogs come together for a social barking session. While there is not always an actual threat insight, dogs usually interpret other dogs barking as a warning, so they’re just joining in to project the neighborhoods! 

While these are only a few reasons why your pup won’t stop barking, we hope this helps you be observant of the situation and get to the root of the problem. Once you believe you’ve identified the issue, here’s another related Big Lu article you’ll want to check out: How To Get My Dog To Stop Barking So Much.

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