Are Bully Sticks good for dogs?

Are Bully Sticks good for dogs?

With so many treats available, it is difficult to know which treats are good for your furry friend and which are better to stay away from. So what exactly are bully sticks, and how are they different from other pet treats?

It's simple; Bully treats are 100% organic chew sticks made of beef pizzle with no synthetics or other additives. Other famous dog treats contain several toxic cancer-causing preservatives such as Butylated Hydroxyanisole. Unlike rawhide, Bully sticks are easy to digest, so your pet doesn't run the risk of ending up needing emergency surgery after consuming it. Not only are Bully sticks an excellent protein addition to your pets' diet, but they are also great for heavy, anxious chewers. These great chew treats help anxious chewers steer clear from your shoes and other precious off-limit items around your home.

Bully Sticks are a great source of additional protein for growing or teething puppies and highly active breeds. They can help grow and repair muscle tissue. In addition, high protein diets and treats help support a healthy coat and are vital for a healthy immune system. So when shopping for healthy chew treats, it is safe to say 100% organic Bully sticks are an excellent choice for your furry friend. Remember always to consult your veterinary if your pet would benefit from a high protein treat.

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