Benefits of Chew Treats

Benefits of Chew Treats

We all love our furry friends, and we have all had to deal with teething or anxious chewing habits that leave their mark throughout your home.

Dogs have a natural inclination to chew. They do it as pups to deal with teething and as they grow to release extra energy and anxiety. Instead of discouraging this conceivably mischievous behavior, give your furry friend something to chew his heart away!

Healthy chew treats can have numerous health benefits for your pet. Such as helping clean tar off their teeth, releasing energy, and nutritional benefits that help with their coats, immune system, and digestive health. Many Chew treats can be harmful and dangerous; that is why it is essential to look for healthy brands that will benefit your pet.

Big Lu's Bully Sticks for dogs promote chewing on a protein-rich, all-natural dog chew that provides actual nutritional benefits, unlike rawhide and other brands without the empty calories and indigestible ingredients. These delicious, one ingredient chewy dog treats are 100% beef, 100% organic, no additives or preservatives. They help prevent tar buildup from teeth and reduce anxiety and boredom.

Whether offered as a special reward for being a good dog, or as a delicious distraction for when you are working or away, these organic natural chew treats will be sure to make your dog happy and keep him busy. Big Lu offers Bully sticks dog chew treats in a variety of different shapes and sizes, from straight, to braided or spiraled, and in a variety of quantities, so you will be sure to find what your pet likes best. These chewy treats combine the perks of a chew toy and treat by giving a tasty source of entertainment for your pooch.

Bring an end to your dog chewing on your precious off-limit items around the house with our tasty, chewy alternatives. For more tips, promotions, and other benefits, subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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