How many treats should I give my pet?

How many treats should I give my pet?

We worry about our furry little kids and their health. As a loving pet parent, we want to know how many treats we should give them. Those sweet “puppy” dog eyes gazing up at us, when they cuddle up next to us, or those times, they just follow a simple command. We would love to reward all of those moments.

However, being the health-conscious owners that we are, we are searching for the right answers. According to veterinarian's all over the united states, there is a 10% rule in regards to treats. A pet should not have more than 10% of its daily caloric intake from treats.

With that being said, we also have to consider our pet’s daily routine and activities. And how many calories they are exerting. Are they snoozing the whole day or “climbing” the walls? Are they sedentary or are they burning up calories with daily exercise? Those are all things to consider when rewarding our fur babies with treats.

Most importantly, we also need to look at the quality of the treat. Quality over quantity and what we are allowing our pets to consume. If our furry pets eat bad quality treats than regardless of how many they are consuming, one is far too many. If the treats they are eating contain poor quality ingredients and could be considered empty calories, that could potentially put them on a poor path of health.

Here at Big Lu’s we only offer the highest quality products. So, you can feel good about rewarding your pet with one of our bully sticks, a single-ingredient, protein-rich, long-lasting chew! Bully sticks are grain-free with Low odor. This treat is also anxiety reducing, promotes dental health and perfect for all sized barkers.

Also, we offer Beef Nuggets that are 100% sourced from free-range high-quality beef; rawhide-free meaning it's easily digestible. This oven-baked snack is also on the softer side of our chews and makes for a quick treat any pup will devour. Just like our Beef Sausage only in fun bite sizes, still great for a softer chew type of snack. Also grain free with low odor and high in protein and filled with essential amino acids. Perfect for all size barkers.

Another great treat option is Pig Ears. This sturdy yet flavorful chew is perfect to rid any barker from any anxieties. Oh, did we mention this yummy snack is great for dental health too? Especially if your pup has some incoming teeth that might be causing pains. Pig Ear is Grain-free, Low odor, Single-ingredient, high in protein, filled with essential amino acids, Anxiety reducing, Promotes dental health.

Hare is also a high protein treat that we offer. We offer Hare Nuggets or Hare Sausage. Hare is lower in fat than most other proteins out there (e.i. Duck, chicken, beef, lamb, turkey), so for an ideal lean option that will fuel your pup with energy and especially great for furry friends with a sensitive digestive system. This dog treat is perfect to break into smaller portions, and even to mix in with milk to make it a little chewy; no matter what, all dogs love this wild hare treat.

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