The Best Natural Dog Treats For Aggressive Chewers

The Best Natural Dog Treats For Aggressive Chewers

All dogs are unique in their own way, some are smaller and fragile, and others might be larger and stronger than the average dog. Let's be honest, if you’re here its because you got yourself a power chewers that require long-lasting chews that can hold up to their jaw strength.

Here at Big Lu we want to give you a list of some of our power chewer connoisseurs favorites! Let's get started. 

1. Meaty Beef Tendon

First, we got the Meaty Beef Tendon. If you have a power chewer in your hands, this is certainly a great option that will be enjoyed throughout every bite. This chew is a long-lasting, 100% digestible, and withstands tougher gnaws. What makes this product unique is that our bakers here at Big Lu have left the treat with an extra bit of protein on the outer layers. This extra meaty layer provides a durable chew which is just what your doggo needs.

2. Regular Beef Tendon

With the Regular Beef Tendon, you got yourself a regular meaty chew that is just as delicious as the Meaty Beef Tendon, and similar in hardness as preferred by the power chewer. This single-ingredient chew is baked to perfection and has just the right amount of protein, nutrients, and bite resistance that will easily keep your dog busy for a while to come. Not only will your dog get a delicious treat with this chew, but they will be improving their dental health. This is thanks to the richer and fuller edges that can help scrape off any plaque build-up on your doggos mouth. 

3. Backstrap Braid

The dense texture already provided by a Regular Backstrap Stick is enforced when shaped into a braid. All our barkers, especially the more aggressive chewers, absolutely love the extra unique surface texture provided when they get a premium quality delicious chew braided to perfection. This snout lickin’ treat is a fantastic choice, especially for any anxious doggos that just need some extra chewing to reduce anxiety. 

4. Backstrap Stick 

Similar to the Braided Backstrap in qualities, we can’t leave out the popular Backstrap stick. Big Lu cares about providing your doggo with a protein-filled power chew that is a great alternative to rawhide products. This 100% digestible snout lickin’ treat is a fantastic choice, especially for an uneasy doggos that just need some extra chewing to reduce anxiety. 

5. Backstrap Strip

The reasons why Backstrap products are so great are pretty obvious by now, but we’re not done yet. This Backstrap product comes in the form of a strip, which basically means it’s flattened out, usually a bit thinner and slightly wider than a regular stick. Providing a diversity of shapes and sizes for these chews allows doggos a fun variety of treats to choose from to get their power chew on. We all love seeing our four-legged friends happy and enjoying their treats.

6. Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks are a classic dog chew all dogs love and a fantastic rawhide alternative that is not only all-natural but also digestible. Bully Sticks come in many sizes, but typically, the larger the Bully Stick, the happier your power chewer will likely be. At Big Lu, all our Bully Stick products are single-ingredient, premium quality, and low in odor. While the low odor is made so the treat can be tolerable for the hooman, your doggos gnaws and chews won’t be compromised as it is still delicious as ever. 

7. Braided Bully Stick

Last but not least we have our Braided Bully. This treat is also awesome for any power chewers, especially as it makes part of a traditional favorite treat, only in a braid form. Similarly to the Backstrap Braid, this long-lasting treat can be enjoyed in a larger size which is ideal for the strong jaws of your doggo. It is important to keep in mind that long-lasting dense chews are great if you have a doggo that needs to get a bit of stress release through some aggressive gnaws. 


If you’re tired of your doggo destroying store-bought toys and fear they might swallow any unsafe (not-digestible) material, then these power chewer friendly treats are something you should definitely try. Plus, a happy smile brought on by a power chew is always great for a doggos dental routine.

All-natural dog treats serve as great alternatives to artificial dental aid chews which are usually extremely artificial and don’t fully provide your dog with the nutrients they really need.

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