100% Natural Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks are hard to beat when it comes to healthy, all-natural chews that are good for your canine. Also known as pizzle sticks, these 100% beef dog treats are a fantastic alternative to less healthy dog treats. Rawhide chews are much more processed and pose a potential choking hazard. Dog biscuits simply don't provide any entertainment value. Big Lu Bully Sticks are an easy and nutritious treat that will delight even the pickiest of pooches. The robust natural flavor and low odor will have both of you barking for joy!

But Bully Sticks are far more useful than as treats for a deserving doggo. They can help curb destructive chewing behavior and assist with separation anxiety. Chewing is natural instinct that, if left unchecked, often results in ruined clothing or furniture. Leaving dog owners to feel frustrated or worse – that they have a bad dog.