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If your dog is struggling with boredom or anxiety, lend them an ear - a Cow Ear, that is. Soft and chewy cartilage make for the most soothing of chewing sessions. Not only that, but they are also easy on the teeth and gums. Cow Ear is as delicious as it is relaxing. These are wonderful treats for teething puppies or senior dogs whose teeth are not as tough as they used to be. Cow Ears are available in resealable bags of 10, 20, or 50 units.

Aside from being a delicious solution to your dog’s emotional distress, these savory beef treats are sure to get your dog to sit still. Perfect for the casual chewer, ears are suitable for dogs of any size. On average, Cow Ears last around 20-30 minutes, although the exact time will vary depending on how enthusiastic a chewer you have on your hands.

Cow Ears are also effective for maintaining healthy dental hygiene. The natural ridges of the cartilage exterior will gently scrape away plaque and tartar with every bite. Your dog gets a delicious snack and you, the pet owner, can enjoy fresher-smelling dog kisses. This means fewer visits to the doggy dentist and a lower likelihood of dental disease for your pup.

Delicious Cow Ears for Dogs

Big Lu’s Cow Ears are 100% natural and made from premium cattle. Our single-ingredient chew boasts free-range, grass-fed beef that was ethically sourced and hand-inspected in the United States. Brimming with protein and essential amino acids, each chomp, bite, and chew will have your dog ingesting high quality protein. No need to worry about artificial ingredients like chemicals or preservatives. We also steer clear of fillers such as wheat, gluten, grain, and soy. Go ahead and check the ingredient list on this yummy treat - there is only one!

    How do subscriptions work?

    Our treats are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

    Are Natural Dog Treats healthy for my dog?

    They absolutely are! All of our Natural Dog Treats are 100% digestible and are a perfect alternative to rawhide; a popular chew that is not digestible and can cause digestive issues. Not To mention all our treats are high in protein and make for an entertaining and nutritious chew. All of our treats are treated with irradiation, tested for pathogens by ourselves and in a 3rd party lab, and all our products are 100% manufactured by us, beginning to end.

    Are these all natural products?

    Absolutely! All of our dog treats are 100% natural, and have NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO preservatives, and NO harmful additives. Additionally, our products are wheat, gluten, grain, and soy FREE which is especially great for doggos with sensitive tummies. The health of your doggo is our #1 priority, so we make Natural Dog Treats You Can Barkin' Trust! 

    Do these treats smell very strong?

    All our treats are low-odor for the hooman, yet still with a natural scent and delicious taste which is perfect for the doggos taste buds!

    What does low odor mean?

    All our treats are 100% natural and NOT treated with harmful chemicals, so there will be a natural scent to our treats that your dog will love. 

    What are your subscription boxes?

    We have fun and convenient subscription boxes for all kinds of doggos. From a scrumptious assortment of treats for Ear Lovers, to a variety pack with surprise treats every month and more! You can have your subscriptions go your way every 1 month, every 2 months, or every 2 months. The choice is yours! For more information check out our subscription boxes here. 

    What if my dog doesn't like your treats?

    Got a picky eater on your hands? Not a problem! We want nothing more than to see your doggo find the perfect chews they will love. If your doggo doesn't like the treats he received, just send us your order number and the reason for your return directly to our email so we can find the best solution for your furry pal.  For more information please view our Return Policy.